There is no doubt that photos and images play a crucial role in the current online and offline marketing industry. Naturally, many people find images attractive and easy to understand than reading a thousand words describing any product. Besides, quality images of products displayed on e-commerce portals increase the chances of making more sales.

However, for successful marketing campaigns, you need to post striking images and pictures, which can be actualized by outsourcing ecommerce photo editing/retouching services. Raw images lack a lot in terms of quality, necessitating them to be edited to make them attractive to the eyes of your customers. Through professional services of ecommerce photo editing, you can get almost all sorts of images edited to the finest quality. Here are some of the valuable ecommerce photo editing/retouching services that can help grow your business:

Product Image Editing Services

Image product retouching services: The image editing experts will help you perfect the art of editing your products photos. Images of low quality might have a negative impact on your business if posted on the online marketing portals. Professional image editors will provide retouch and enhancement services for all types of e-commerce photos.

Removal of unattractive product background: The background of your image product has significant effects on the aesthetics of the photos. An ecommerce image editor can help you to replace any improper background with a more attractive one to re-create a great photo. Good quality and expressive images make the product look alluring for the viewer, enticing him to buy the same.

Product image resizing: eomerce photo editing services work on a low-resolution images to create brighter images which boost the overall product clarity. They can create images that can easily fit into different size options. Amazon image requirements is following:

Images should be 1000 pixels or larger in either height or width, as this will enable zoom function on the website (zoom has proven to enhance sales). The smallest your file should be is 500 pixels on the longest side. Amazon accepts JPEG (.jpg), TIFF (.tif), or GIF (.gif) file formats. JPEG is preferred.

Applying photoshop shadow effects: Just like any other solid object, your product images will have a shadow. If the shadow created is not good for marketing, image editing services will help you edit and recreate a more realistic photograph using photoshop software.

Color correction and editing services: Professional ecommerce photo editing services can help to make your product image more visible and attractive through color correction. Based on the level of brightness required, product image editing services will upgrade, alter or modify the color of your images for the maximum exposure of the product.

Clearly, seeking for ecommerce photo editing/retouching services can be highly beneficial to your company. These services will give you a competitive edge over your competitors. Since photo editing services enhance the quality of your product pictures, it will not only boost the overall impression of your products but also that of the company.

  • Ornaments and art craft photography
  • Consumer product photography
  • Business premises photography
  • Vehicle photography

To achieve the highest standard, various aspects of the photograph are skilfully changed such as:

  • Retouching
  • Colour manipulation
  • Composting
  • Format image capturing

The creative team of experts are always at hand to make the modification to the photograph whenever you want, however you want.