A Real Estate Agency gains success through image. From the appearance of the agents to customer support and marketing, everything needs to be perfect. In your rush for market recognition, why would you think that your website is less important? People look for houses on the internet in modern times, and this is why the real estates presented on your website must be perfect.

Real Estate Image Editing is the service proposed for agencies to improve the quality of the presented houses, offices and commercial areas. If you want some unpleasant aspects about a house to be removed, or if you want to highlight the quality of photos, you can be sure that our specialized retouching team can do it.

A house would look a lot better if it is highlighted by sunrays, or when the colors are enhanced. This is why this is a modern technique used by so many agencies. If you don’t want to fall behind, you can contact us for a quote, and for a catalog of services that we can offer.

Cropping and Rotation- cropping is required sometimes by clients, if they want to see a part of the house better. We will transform any photo in vectors, so if a client wants a zoom photo, you can offer an increased quality resolution for the respective area. Rotation is required if you want to make the house look taller, or to make it compatible with mobile devices.

  • Removal of objects – the photographer forgot to remove the trashcan before taking the photo of the kitchen? It looks so ugly! With our real estate image photo editing services, you can remove and even add objects. Trees are great for some presentations, but for others, it will steal the attention of the viewer from the property. We can remove and add those for an increased effect.
  • Brightness and Contrast – sometimes, you need to make photos of real estates during the winter, and the weather will not be in your advantage. You can’t wait for the summer to take the photos, but you can’t present the house like a sad one, with dark clouds behind it, like in horror movies. Brightness and contrast services will change the weather in your photos, making those more attractive for potential clients.