The Wedding Portraits are the most important elements in your albums, whether we are talking about the real ones, or about the libraries that you have on computers or Wedding photography and videographyDVD’s. Whenever an old friend comes to visit you, the albums are taken out, and you talk about those beautiful moments for hours. However, as time passes, you realize that the new photos are not as great as the old ones, even if technology made huge progresses. You would like to look younger, maybe you want a darker tone skin, or shiny eyes, and this can be done by our specialists even for older photos, with Wedding portraits retouching.

Wedding Portraits are some of the most complicated photos when it comes to enhancements and modifications, because they contain many elements, persons and objects.

People that request modifications of Wedding portraits retouching are pretentious: they want every little detail to be perfect, from the colors of flowers to decors and natural elements. This is why we create the next package of services that you can consider for your family portraits:

  • Color and exposure correction – our specialists can get through the entire modification process – the pre-production means for the designers to examine the photos, to understand the changes requested by the client, and to come up with a solution. When the client approves, Wedding portraits retouching can begin.
  • It is possible to add artistic and creative elements, numbering and dates, and to enhance any element.
  • Usually, a wedding concludes with tens of hours of filming, hundreds of photos and tens of videos. All those must be arranged in libraries and presentations. The most important photos must be framed, while black and white effects can be added. Black and white will create a traditional look, making those photos attractive even after decades.
  • We can design albums, covers and slideshows that you can send to all your guests from the wedding. The photos edited by our designers are ready to be printed, or transformed in any popular format. This way, even your grandmother will be able to see the photos from that antique computer of hers!